Mar 6, 2023 | Eye Health

Preventing Digital Eye Strain in the Workplace

As our reliance on digital devices continues to grow, it’s important to pay attention to our eye health, particularly in the workplace. March is Workplace Eye Wellness Month, making it the perfect time to focus on preventing digital eye strain and maintaining good eye health while at work.

What is digital eye strain?

Digital eye strain, also known as computer vision syndrome, is a condition that results from the prolonged use of digital devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. Symptoms of digital eye strain can include:

  • Headaches
  • Eye fatigue
  • Blurred vision
  • Dry eyes
  • Neck and shoulder pain

How to prevent digital eye strain at work

1.     Adjust your workstation

One of the primary causes of digital eye strain is poor ergonomics. Position your computer monitor so that the top of the screen is at or slightly below eye level. You should also place your keyboard and mouse so that your arms and hands are parallel to the floor.

2.     Take frequent breaks from screens

Give your eyes a break by practicing the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes, look away from your screen and focus on an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This can help reduce eye fatigue and strain.

3.     Use proper lighting

Make sure your workstation is properly lit to reduce eye strain. Avoid working in overly bright or dim lighting. If necessary, use a desk lamp to provide additional lighting.

4.     Blink more often

When using digital devices, people tend to blink less frequently, which can cause dry eyes. Be sure to blink more often while working on your computer or using your smartphone.

5.     Adjust display settings

Adjust the display settings on your computer to reduce eye strain. Increase the text size and contrast, and reduce the blue light emitted from your screen. You can also try using a blue light filter or screen protector to reduce eye strain.

6.     Consider computer glasses

If you spend a lot of time on the computer, consider investing in computer glasses. These glasses filter out blue light coming from screens, which can help reduce eye strain.

7.     See an eye doctor regularly

Finally, it’s important to get regular eye exams to maintain good eye health. Schedule an eye exam every year to ensure your prescription is up to date and to check for any potential eye problems. During these visits, your optometrist can look for any signs of digital eye strain or dry eyes due to excessive screen use. Your doctor may suggest treatment options such as special glasses or contact lenses designed specifically for reducing digital eye strain or lubricating eye drops if needed. 

Digital eye strain can be uncomfortable, but fortunately, it can be prevented with proper care! If you’re experiencing signs of digital eye strain, contact our office today to schedule an eye exam in Portland, ME!